Get it Yourself: London’s first U-Pull-It yard
ARPAC Amazes: This year’s annual congress a success
From Tires to Toys: Not-for-profit organization uses crumb rubber to refurbish community spaces
Family Plan: Chu family buys, redesigns four recycling facilities
Renault interview: An OEM’s perspective on the circular economy and auto recycling
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Managing misfortune

By Gideon Scanlon To the observer, Frank Serravalle of Thorold Auto Parts and Recycling seems like a man fortune has taken a shine to, inheriting

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Auto Recycling News

Hidden Heroes

March 13, 2019 — For health and safety reasons, auto recyclers don’t tend to wear capes. Their efforts on behalf of the environment, however, are downright

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The shocking truth

By Lindsey Cooke Toronto, Ontario — February 26, 2019 — If Transport Canada is right, then there will be more than seven million electric vehicles

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Car-Part’s concerns

February 27, 2019 — When it comes to recalls on auto parts, co-founder of the internet marketplace, Jeff Schroder is one of the many auto

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